Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Gwilym Golden Silvers tells us about his club night The Bronze Club

Gwilym is the lead singer of Golden Silvers also runs the very cool Bronze Club once a month at The Macbeth.

In the past The Invisible, Micachu, The Shapes as well as Gwyilm's own band (Golden Silvers) have played at The Bronze Club. As well as DJs from Bullion to Doc Daneeka and even impromptu sets from the likes of the Mystery Jets!

Every night of The Bronze Club always sells out! How do you manage this Gwil?!

I just try and make sure we have good things on every time so people know it's going to be a good night even if they don't know who the acts are... I've actually started doing it less frequently to keep the quality as high as possible...

What clubs did you go to growing up that inspired you to start a club?

We used to go to Erol's night Trash a lot and when we were even younger we used to go to a hip hop club called Funkin Pussy among loads of other places... To be honest starting the club was more as a place for me and our friends to do shows and it grew from there...

What do you feel is the key to making a good club night a really amazing night out for everyone?

Drink and a good mix of people...

You also Dj at most of your nights - What tunes do you play that gets everyone on

the dancefloor?

Lil Wayne's 'A Milli' never seems to fail

Are you a beer, wine or spirits man at The Bronze Club?

Guinness and then whiskey later....

Also any tips for anyone planning to start their own club night?

I think it is good to have a broad range of things and not limit it to one "style" or whatever.. Put things on that your proud of putting on...

What is the most memorable moment from The Bronze Club?

We had a single launch once and everyone turned up in gold and silver clothes...

What would your dream line-up be?

No dream lineup but Miles Davis (electric band) the Wu-tang Clan and Leonard Cohen live with Larry Levan and Aphex Twin DJing would be pretty good....

More info and upcoming Bronze Club events can be found here -

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