Friday, 21 January 2011

Lauren Pritchard....

Lauren Pritchard is a small town girl from Tennessee, with a burning need to write and sing songs! Moving to LA in her teens she lived with her friend Riley Keough and her mom Lisa Marie Presley before signing a deal in the UK with Spilt Milk/ Island Records. Her album 'Wasted in Jackson' features Marcus Mumford & Ed Harcourt and is out now!

Hi Lauren, how's it going?
Tell us about the best place you've been this year?
Amsterdam. We opened for Jamie Cullum there but I also got to visit a good friend from Tennessee who I grew up with. She was studying there. To not see her for 2 years and then meet her in another country was a total trip!
What's the strangest thing in your closet?
A short, blonde wig.
Whom do you most want to have lunch with?
Barack & Michelle Obama.
Do you have a guilty pleasure song right now?
Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner.
What's the quality you admire most in a friend?
Being trustworthy. Then making me laugh!
Who are you most itching to work with?
Mr. F**k You himself, Cee-lo.
What's the first CD you ever bought?
TLC's CrazySexyCool
What's the last gig you went to?
The Black Keys at Brixton Academy. Two words: effing amazing.
Which Mr Man are you?
Little Miss Curious. I'm into everything and want to know everything about everything! I'm always learning, asking questions and finding things out.
Drives my band mates crazy haha!
What would we never find you doing?
Being lazy. I know this sounds ridiculous but I'm too ADHD to sit around, I've gotta be doing something.
What are you looking forward to most in 2011?
Touring & gigging!!