Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Drums...

2010 has been quite a year for The Drums. I caught up with Jacob from the band to hear all about it.

First record bought.......Melody by Joy Electric

Would sing a duet with....Lester Loel.

Which artwork would you appear in.....I don't know. I guess it would be nice to be in a Belle & Sebastian cover.

Favorite country you have visited this year...It's a tie between Canada and Switzerland. and Scotland.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

Probably moderation. I think most other virtues are important, and
moderation can be in some cases, but sometime it's important to throw your
whole self into something.

Do you remember the best advice you ever received?

Yes, to shut up.

Last gig you went to.... Patrick Cleandenim

Last time you went dancing.... It was Halloween night, and it was so wonderful. oh,

Genius is....Benjamin Franklin

Success is.... Not possible in this life.

Most proud of... exercising restraint.

People are surprised that The Drums.....would rather die than go surfing.

New single ‘Me and the Moon’ out December 13th

The Go Team!

In 2011 The Go! Team will return with their third album Rolling Blackouts, the newest instalment in their esteemed catalogue of adventure in audio. The Go! Team bust onto the scene in 2004 with their universally praised debut, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, a homebrewed collage of meticulously chosen samples and trashy live instruments assembled brilliantly by Go! Team founder Ian Parton. It somehow found its way from the bedroom to international acclaim, casually picking up a Mercury nomination along the way!

And now, following a brief rest comes album three, 'Rolling Blackout' which features guest vocals from members of Deerhoof, Best Coast, Dominique Young Unique and the hotly tipped Tampa based rapper and Bordeaux’s bedroom balladeer, Lispector. Not forgetting, of course, Ninja, The Go! Team’s unstoppable MC who is back in full force. I met up with Ninja to talk about dancing and what 2011 holds for them!

First record bought...

Bobby Brown, My Prerogative. (Would also be my karaoke song of choice)

Recurring dream...

Sailing next door over to Necker Island to tell Mr Branson I've accidentally received his post again

Tech must have...

A Japanese flip phone. Not everybody wants a damn touch screen!!!

Would sing a duet with....

Peaches (non-Geldof), she's rocky horror fantabulous.

Irrational fear of....

Mould. Why are people eating it???

Favorite place visited this year...

Ukraine, everything is scarier written in Russian

Signature dance...

Ballroom classic, 'the running man'

Brains or beauty?

I once dated a beautiful idiot. I'll have some brains please, to go.

Most proud of....

Never having voted for a reality TV show

Fancy - dress theme...

Royals and Rogues, and I'd be Cleopatra

People are surprised that The Go Team....

Don't live together in a pink 6 bedroom house teetering on Brighton Pier

In 2011 we will be.....

Rockin' in a town near you, with new hair cuts!