Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Gwenno From The Pipettes...

I Start the day with........Fruit, yogurt and seeds

This summer I will be wearing......Floaty 90s short-style jumpsuits, they're comfy, feminine and pretty flattering I think

My Most Recent splurge..... a new condenser mic

I Can't stop watching.....French language films, from Jean Luc Godard to Vanessa Paradis's latest

You won't find West London that often

Invention that would make my life easier......a teleportation device

I am Dreaming about......Love

I am Itching to work with..... anyone who has interesting ideas

Monday, 12 July 2010

Ben Seary Graphic Designer

1. Hi Ben, how is it all going? I saw you had done the artwork for Hit Clubs new single by the much hyped band Egyptian Hip Hop. How did you come up with the idea for the singles artwork? Were the band involved at all?

I had seen Egyptian Hip Hop play live a few times and spoke with them, they sent me over some images they liked at the time and we took it from there. We had loads of ideas, however the final artwork was initially inspired by the patterns on the shirts the band wear but got taken off on a few tangents. We all wanted the artwork to be slightly obscure, unexpected and like nothing else. So they were defiantly involved.

2. When working on a bands 7'' Single is it important to involve the bands ideas?

If they have ideas then of course, the artwork is a visual representation of their music, sometimes I'm not into their ideas but we talk about it. The band know their song inside out and I want to create something that we feel works with the music. I have worked with all the bands on the artwork for singles even if it's just them sending me images they like, talking and then using that as a starting point. It's good to work with so many different people, at times it's a little difficult but it's always interesting.

3. Have any other bands or record labels artwork inspired you at all?
There are some amazing record covers and artwork for bands out there, however I try and just concentrate on the band I'm currently working with. I get more influence from the ideas behind the covers and why they were created, I think there should be meaning behind all the artwork. This is defiantly what I try and do with Hit Club. Too much music artwork is throw away, it's a shame, I think it's a great canvas to work on especially when it's with a good band.
4. When you are freelancing whats your typical day?
Sometimes I'm in a studio and sometimes I work on my own. I normally try get up early and if I'm in the studio I walk to the bus listening to A Tribe Called Quest or something like that and answer e-mails on the bus while trying and ignore everyone around me. When I get to the studio I work all day with other designers on loads of different projects, which is really cool, there's a lot to learn from other people. 
If I'm working on my own, I normally work from home in the morning, lot's of e-mails, then find a load of new music to listen to and in the afternoon I usually have meetings, they tend to circulate around Freuds in Covent Garden. It's a good little cafe/bar that no one really seems to know about.
5. What future projects do you have lined up?
We (Hit Club) are currently talking with a load of new bands which we are really excited about and sorting out future singles and artwork. Personally I have a few things I'm working on, the next big thing will be a fashion based project which will be out soon. I'm also working with some really interesting people on their visual identities, some new jewellery designers, photographers and bands. Just trying to work with interesting people who I think are doing really cool things.
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Thursday, 1 July 2010

L from Spectrals

Spectrals is the creation of one young lad “L” from the north of England, a place where to not have a baby and a criminal record by the age of 18 is seen as unusual. After being in various bands playing punk rock in basements, L decided to start something combining his love of doo wop, girl groups and adding a bit of rat pack flair with a punk rock vibe to create Spectrals. In Spectrals short life span they have released an excellent single for Captured Tracks and toured the UK with bands such as Girls, Real Estate and Desolation Wilderness.

- If i wasn't a muscian i would be.....
Up to no good.
- The last record i bought was......
Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The Night. I like it because it's Fleetwood Mac.
- The last gig I went to was......
Thee Oh Sees, I liked it because it was mad and I didn't like it because it seemed to last 5 minutes and I couldn't make it to London to see them the evening after, and also because they make my songs look rubbish.
- My secret crush is.....
I like her out of Harry Potter, Emma Watson, it's her posh voice.
- I most admire.....
My Pop, my Dad (How can it not be these) and also, Harley from Cro-Mags.
- When i'm not playing gigs my ideal night out / in is...?
Out - Having some beers in a little pub in my town called the Old Hall with my girlfriend and/or a few buddy's, maybe a Bolagnese Pizza on the way home or something.
In - Watching "Friends" and eating Fish Finger sandwiches with my girl.
- My biggest extravagance is....
- My favorite guilty pleasure song is... why?
I don't have these, If you like a song you like a song, and if you won't admit to it then you are a poser.
- You wouldn't know it but i'm not very good at...
Doing interviews.
- You wouldn't know it but i'm very good at....
- My life in 6 words.....
"I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (I knicked an extra one)