Thursday, 13 May 2010

American Girl In London!

Cate moved from Boston to work at the record label Warp in London.

I met her to talk about all differences between Boston and London!

What's your typical day in the Warp offices?

Everyday is different really, but mainly I serve as a support to the press and promotions representative.

- Working in the music industry myself at times it feels totally male dominated! Have you

noticed this at Warp and how do you cope!?

I haven't really given this much thought... There are several females at the office and all are lovely (ya know... the kind of girls you would hang out with even if you didn't work with them) so maybe they make up for all the testosterone in music industry and I am very lucky to have female mentor as I get my feet wet in the music industry

- Moving from the US to London is a big change! What do you feel most homesick for?

Good bagels, friends and family.

- What bits do you like best about your new hometown and what do you like the least!?

I love the efficiency of London, the Tube is so much better then the Boston T, I love how well designed things are here, the people are so nice here, I love how I can get on a train or a plane and be in another country in a few hours.

My least favorite aspect of London is the weather and how grey it is!

- What bands and albums are you into at the moment? Is it a pre - requisite to be into Warp bands?

Not a pre-requisite at all.

The new Born Ruffians is amazing!

Local Natives

The Tallest Man on Earth

Band of Horses

I am excited about the new Black Keys album coming out!!

And always on repeat although very different - Battles and Nina Simone.

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