Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bella Howard Fashion Photographer, Blogger, DJ and all round Cool Girl!

Bella Howard is a photographer and well known blogger! Bella has worked on campaigns for Top
Shop as well as shoots for Nylon, ID and Dazed and Confused.

Hi Bella, how are you?
Hey Nadia im super thanks, just painting my flat as i am moving to east from west next month(if someone rents mine)

What would your ideal big night out be?

I would gather a group of my closest girl friends and get them over to my house for about 7pm, crack open a bottle of champagne(prosecco will do) put on my fave music to get us in the party mood, probably the madonna or hole usually does the trick...We then would go into my room and help each other with outfits and hair and make up decisions and then gossip for about an hour or so before leaving the house(usually a pre party dance is in order as well) by this point we would be nicely drunk and would head out and meet up with the crew at a party or karaoke(my fave), then after that head to an after party at someones house or bungalow 8 or my friends bar Alibi.

If you could have anyone design your outfit for a night out who would you choose?

Jeremy Scott or Thierry Mugler they are my all time faves, but i cant aford(yet, lol) designer so tend to just wear my mums hand me downs or charity shop and ebay finds.

You have spent quite a lot of time in New York, how are nights outs in NY compared to London?

its quite different in london people properly go out and make a night out of it, everyone goes crazy and just wants to have a great time, ny is a bit more reserved in my experience. nights out in ny start so late like no one leaves the house till 12 and people have power naps before and the partys finish at about 4 and they have really great places that a definitely always fun to go to, you also got to about 2 clubs/bars every night, plus in ny you always see a celeb of some kind.

I have heard your an excellent DJ! Please could you give us a top 5 of your favorite songs
to get everyone on the dance-floor?

haha dunno about excellent!! it depends on the crowd and party obvs but my faves are:

- 'This must be the Place' by Talking Heads
- 'Violet' by Hole
- 'Crystal' by New Order
- 'Addicted to Love' by Ciccone Youth
- 'Not if you were the Last Junkie on Earth' by The Dandy Warhols

And finally any tips on how to cure a hangover after a night out?

ermmm still not found the best cure but i tend to go for a yummy breakfast then watch 24 all day in bed

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