Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bombay Bicycle Club - Life On The Road

Namesd NME's Best New Band Bombay Bicycle Club talk the Summer festival circuit and life on the road...

1. You guys are touring all over Europe this Summer and playing loads of festivals.

How do you keep going?

Nothing special, although we've been around for a while as a band, I think we're still relatively new to touring. Ask us after we've done a long American tour and I'm sure I'll give you a jaded reply.

2. From past experience which festivals have you found to do the best catering?

And who does the worst?!

The European ones are always the best, touring in Europe is always a much more pleasant experience. The worst i remember quite well, I think it was Y Not festival in Derbyshire, it was like really bad school dinners.

3. What kind of things keeps you guys amused on the tour bus? Are you fans of reading or watching

Films / DVD box sets?

We record stuff, we started Suren's rap project on the tourbus in Europe last November. We also practice some of the acoustic stuff there. Our favourite thing to watch at the moment is probably 30 rock or arrested development. i read a lot too, but won't embarrass myself by saying what.

4. Will it be girlfriends or groupies on the tour bus this summer?


5. Whats your favourite service station in England? And whats your favourite service

station meal?

Obviously Toddington, first stop on the M1 i think. They have a Mark's and Spencer's, obviously our favourite service station stop. I love service stations.

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