Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Andy Burrows Ex - Razorlight talks about his new band, festivals and summer songs...

Andy Burrows is the front man of the hotly tipped new band I Am Arrows.

Andy has previously drummed in Razorlight.

Hi Andy, hows the new band going?

It's going great thanks. we've been rehearsing, making a video for the first single, playing a few shows, & now we're waiting to get out & play some more...cant wait!

Are you guys going to play any festivals this year?

Yep we are hoping to play a few. still in the process of booking some of the slots though! We seem to be leaving it all quite last minute, keeps us on our toes! Particularly looking forward to playing the Secret Garden Party and hoping to be at Wickerman & Reading / Leeds too...we'll see....

Are you a fan of the festival experience? Do you prefer to camp or head to the nearest hotel

at nighttime?

I love festivals. i used to camp all the time. these days though, I like to pitch a tent - show willing! maybe have a little nap in it, then head to a hotel..

Do you have any tips on the ultimate festival experience that you are willing to share with

anyone going this summer?

i'm totally rubbish at giving tips for anything. i've been playing the drums all my life and the other day someone asked me if i could give him any drum tips, & it totally dawned on me that i absolutely didn't have any tips. i dunno, have fun. take wet-wipes. & take a hip flask or something. be imaginative!

Whats your ultimate song of the summer?

My summer song is 'rise & shine' by The Cardigans. they were such a summery band once upon a time. then they went more rocky & wintery. still love them though.

I heard you are really good friends with the We Are Scientist guys, have you

guys any plans to work together musically at some point?

I love those guys. we have already worked together on the forthcoming WAS album 'barbara', which is out in June. it's brilliant. we'll probably play a festival or two together this summer!

Hear music from I Am Arrows

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