Monday, 5 December 2011

Duncan from Dutch Uncles

Favorite Manchester band of all time?

Egyptian Hip Hop

Favorite night out in Manchester?

Deaf Institute is primo for gigs. Any night out that ends up in Black Dog Ballroom is a good indication of how shit faced you got.

Best Record shop in Manchester?

There's two. Piccadilly Records for new releases, and Vinyl Exchange for the better-than-charity-shop quality bargains, the last purchase was from the latter; I bought a David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto 12" of Bamboo Houses/ Bamboo Music for a fiver and then blagged a first edition of Roxy Music's For Your Pleasure as it had a warp in it, but it worked when i got home. Sick.

Favorite morning after fry up?

The remains of kebab from the night before (they make 'em big up north), usually found in the bed sheets or occasionally the bin. Failing that, any combo of fry up is alright, as long as the tomatoes are tinned, and it has to have black pudding.

Favorite gig of 2011?

We've had a handful of favourite UK shows this year and it would be unfair to single one out. So I'd say our favourite would have to be The Tunnel in Milan supporting Wild Beasts, the reason being that spending your first time in Italy having a great first gig means you can go on holiday there without feeling bitter.

What's your ideal New Years Eve?

A proper Noel Coward-esque dinner table scene, where everyone has to adopt an unfashionable name, and everyone has to make a speech about everyone else in the room, and everyone has to have a larf, and no one is allowed to kiss publicly unless its midnight. Nothing twee about that.

Describe Dutch Uncles in 6 words?

pop pronk and not math rock

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