Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Leo from Real Fur

The last song I downloaded...was The Auld Triangle by The Dubliners

Last beverage I drank....was water (tap)

Last time I had a hangover....was on September 14th

Last time I flirted with someone.... was with a bawdy telesales girl, calling me from SKY's Gateshead HQ this morning

Last gig I went to....was Hudson Mowhawke/Jamie xx/Deadboy at numbers party on saturday

Last time I felt guilty....was when I realised I no longer feel guilty for not having a catholic guilt complex

Last time I did something rebellious....was admitting that I am envious of Robert Pattinson

Last time I lied...was when I denied, to myself and others, of being envious of Robert Pattinson

Last time I checked Twitter was in november and facebook was today

Last New Years Eve...Carl Barat is a mug

'The Fool' Real Fur's new release is available to listen here: http://soundcloud.com/real-fur/the-fool

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