Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Frankie and The Heartstrings


The Last Song I Listened To.... Factory Floor-Two Different ways

Last Thing I Ate....Leek Soup

Last Time I Went Dancing....Last night at our after party with the Vaccines in Newcastle mainly to inappropriate forgotten pop hits

Last Time I Had A Hangover.... today

Last Time I Flirted With Someone....Last night

Last Gig I Went To.... I saw Hyde & Beast in Newcastle

Last Time I Felt Embarrassed....Every time I leave the house

Last Chore I Did....Just tidied my room, and then some dishes, that a chore ?

Last Time I Felt Angry.....Last night actually, some people, this country TUT

Last Time I Did Something Rebellious.....I would never be rebellious Im to much of a coward

Last Time I Lied.... Ive never lied........(see what I did there)

Last Time I Checked Twitter / Facebook....Just, cant wait to delete my account its a terrible distraction , also facebook is the worst thing to happen to relationships since the declaration of the sex offenders register, I read that on Healths twitter feed recently

Last New Years Eve....I got so drunk etc.....

Frankie and The Heartstrings debut album ''Hunger'' is out now...

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