Monday, 28 June 2010


The Futureheads have been ticking all the right boxes since 2000! The Futureheads are all but a national treasure!

It has been an explosive return for The Futureheads after being dropped by their major record label a couple of years ago.
The band's new album ‘The Chaos’, which they independently released through their own Nul label was critically acclaimed.
After a fully sold-out, British tour the band are embarking on an American tour this summer.

I caught up with Barry from the band to talk about what he's eating and good advice...!

> Last Thing You Ate / Was it good?
I ate some fennel and orange salad, some tabuleh, some sweet potato 'slaw.I'm preparing food for my Birthday Party you see. It all tastes lovely.

> Last Pecie of Good Advice Someone Gave You...
'If you bring forth what is inside you, then what you bring forth will save you. If you don't bring forth what is inside you then what you don't bring forth will destroy you'. Heavy stuff.

> Last Time You Went Dancing...
I dance everyday. Usually a slippered shuffle down the stairs. I haven't been clubbing in a very long time. It's a horrible way to meet people. I used to dance ALL night.

> Last Record you Bought.....
I bought the debut album from occult punk rockers 'Killing Joke'. No joke. It is seriously powerful stuff.
Underrated to say least, brilliant stuff. Too bright for most people.

> Last Time You Told A Person You Loved Them....
My wife, everyday, it's the law. She got me a big book and a USB microscope for my birthday. What's not to love.

> Last Person You Texted....
My dear Mother, to thank her for the book on psychology she got me. Thanks Mam.

> Last Gig You Went To....
Frankie and the Hearstrings at independent in Sunderland. It was splendid. An invite only show, special stuff.

> Last Time You Lied..
I have never ever lied. I promise. Cross my heart and hope...............cough cough splutter..... to die.

> Last Time You Were Hungover...
Really Hungover?!? Hmm after a late night tequila binge in New York. BooHoo York more like it..

> Last Time You Checked Twitter....
Just now. I said 'Happy Birthday to Me' and other self congratulating nonsense!

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